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Institutional Effectiveness (IFX) is committed to supporting the mission of University of Richmond. The office receives many requests and tries to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside its regular work cycle and staff capacity. We have created a form to help optimize our ability to respond to requests while also providing clear guidance to data-seekers and those needing assistance with assessment. If assistance is needed with surveys and/or Qualtrics, please use our Survey Request Form.

Before making a request, please examine the data and data tools that are already available on our website i.e. Factbook, Common Data Set. If you cannot find what you need, please complete the form below with specific details about your request so that we may best serve you.

Please allow 7 business days for completion of your request. If you are working with a strict deadline, please give us as much advanced notice as possible. 

NOTE: For requests such as transcripts, mailing lists, student record reports, course reports, etc., please visit the Registrar Office page.

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An explanation of how the information will be used may help us determine the most appropriate data to send you.
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The more details/examples you provide, the easier it is to understand your request i.e Time period the report should cover, department/college, Chemistry majors, first-time freshmen, trends, comparisons, scenarios.

NOTE: If you have files that would further explain your request, please provide Box link(s) in your description or send the files via email to


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