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Annual Academic Assessment

Academic assessment is conducted on an annual basis and is used to gather evidence that demonstrates how well students are learning in our programs and if our programs are teaching what they are designed to. We use this information to ensure continuous improvement and sustained excellence of our programs and for our students. 

Unless otherwise discussed, each October, academic programs submit an annual assessment plan to our office, IFX, and in July, they submit a report summarizing assessment results and outline how they plan to continue success of the program. The Assessment Specialist reviews the assessment plans and reports and provides feedback to programs, as needed. 

Taskstream Accountability Management System (AMS) houses the published assessment plans and reports submitted by academic programs for 2008-09 through the current assessment cycle. For most programs, department chairs and program coordinators have view and edit access to the respective programs workspace but may designate other individuals to submit the plans and reports.

If you are a new department chair or program coordinator and need access to your program’s workspace, or have forgotten your password, contact Dr. Lisa Hamiel, Assessment Specialist, at

For assistance with creating an assessment plan please contact Dr. Hamiel in IFX.