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Institutional Effectiveness regularly administers surveys on behalf of the University of Richmond, including surveys of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Institutional Effectiveness also assists departments that want to participate in external surveys or create their own instrument. The results from these surveys are used for strategic planning, evaluation, and decision making.

If you have a question about any of the surveys listed below, please contact Dr. Deborah White, Senior Research Analyst.

Surveys Planned for 2019-20

  • One-Year-Out Employment Survey of 2019 Graduates
  • Alumni Outcomes Survey of 2015 Graduates
  • National Survey of Student Engagement 2020
  • Senior Exit Survey 2020

Surveys Administered for 2018-19

Surveys Administered for 2017-18

Surveys Administered for 2016-17

Surveys Administered for 2015-16

Surveys Administered for 2014-15

Surveys Administered in 2013-14