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Employment Surveys

The University of Richmond annually surveys graduates to find out what they are doing one year and five years after graduation. The following are the results from the most recent survey cycle.

May 2009 Graduates: 

  • 98% of graduates were satisfied (generally satisfied or very satisfied) with their undergraduate education at the University of Richmond one year after graduation.
  • 31% are currently enrolled in or have already completed a graduate program or another undergraduate degree.
  • 10% are not currently enrolled but are applying to graduate/professional school.
  • Six-month employment rate:  91%
  • One-year employment rate:  95%
  • Average salary range one year after graduation:  $40,000 - $44,999
  • Primary Fields of Employment
    • Business/industry:  47%
    • Government:  14%
    • Education:  13%
    • Health/Medical Services:  10%
    • Law occupations:  5%

 Note: This survey was administered to alumni who graduated in May 2009 with a bachelor’s degree from the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Jepson.  The response rate was 50%.