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QEP Call for Proposals

The QEP provides a great opportunity to do something new and exciting for student learning at the University of Richmond — and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

As part of our reaffirmation of accreditation, the University of Richmond is now in the process of selecting a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). A QEP must fit within the university’s strategic plan and influence student learning in a significant way. Our last QEP (in 2008) was the Sophomore Scholars in Residence program, which has met with remarkable success in retention, diverse involvement, and student learning.

Fortunately, we are in the midst of strategic planning now, having begun a year ago with lunches, forums, and conversations, culminating in four working groups (composed of faculty, staff, and students) who have been actively framing our institutional values and priorities, so the timing is great for us to develop a new QEP!

To do this, we need your help. We (the QEP Selection Working Group) are seeking your ideas and suggestions for what our next QEP should be, keeping in mind the strategic-planning priorities of Academic Excellence, Intellectual Community, Access & Affordability, and Thriving & Inclusive Community. (See the webpages for each working group to understand their priorities more fully.)

Remember that a QEP must:

  • be doable. (That is, it must be a program or a curriculum or something else specific that can be implemented, is affordable, and can be fully resourced);
  • have specific goals for student learning that can be well measured/assessed;
  • address an important concern, issue, or need at our university as identified in our strategic-planning process.

Together, these suggest a QEP cannot be something like...:

  • “Be more inclusive” (that’s not a “doable” program); or
  • “Move the entire University to Paris” (that’s not affordable); or
  • “Replace all whiteboards with chalkboards” (that wouldn’t influence student learning in measurable ways); or
  • “Restrict enrollment to only those students from high schools named after U.S. presidents” (that doesn’t fit our strategic plan or inclusive values).

But a QEP could be something like:

  • “Create a three-course curriculum requirement around inclusivity”; or
  • “Create a new Study Abroad program that uses pre-abroad, while-abroad, and post-abroad reflections to enhance the learning of all those studying abroad”; or
  • “Create a center for health and wellness that addresses the four factors of student health and wellbeing that most influence student learning”; or
  • “Revise the first-year experience by creating a common residential-based intellectual experience, connecting FYS sections and housing assignments…”

Keeping in mind those criteria and the strategic plan, please use the box below to share your QEP ideas (using any format you wish and providing as much detail as possible) prior to November 1

Thank you, in advance, for your ideas!



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